Our Story

After committing several years to the competitive Barbering Industry in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, I decided it was time to open my own barber shop in the ever-growing community I call home.  As a father to two incredible young boys, and husband to a beautiful wife, I thought “what better way to provide a stable life for my family than to further pursue my passion for barbering?”.  In March of 2018, I began my search for the perfect location that would be easy to reach, not only for my existing and loyal clients but, also a place where I could begin to grow that following.  Not too long after the search began I was blessed to find a great location in the heart of Kitchener and, after many late nights and hard work, I proudly opened up the doors to the public on May 22 of 2018.

During this time, I was also in search of employees who share in the passion and dedication it takes to be successful in this business.  We have now built a strong team packed with talent and an eagerness to succeed, not only for ourselves but, for our amazing and diverse clientele as well.  We truly believe in quality over quantity, and that shows in our work.

Meet the Team

None of what we do would be possible without our talented team!

Milad Gabriel

Licensed Barber/Owner

            Six years ago I started to ask myself, “what can I do every day of my life that will bring me happiness?”. After some deep soul searching I discovered the answer was barbering.  Since then I have fully committed to becoming skilled in my trade.  For me, there is not just one part of what I do that I find the most enjoyable, it is literally everything.  It is so exciting to have a vision in your head and be able to create it for everyone to see.  I firmly believe that barbering is an art form.Book Now

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